We returned from holiday a little while ago — we spent a week in Melbourne to visit family and friends.  While it wasn’t Nicholas’ first time on a plane, it was the first he was able to get involved in (being a couple of years older than his previous plane rides).

He took to the plane amazingly well.  On the trip down we were ahead of the wings on a 767, and the engines didn’t bother him at all (even at landing).  The trip back we were at the back of a 737, and the noise was a bit louder and he was a little worried but quickly got over it.  He also had no trouble with pressurisation, something that couldn’t be said for me on this trip (a bit of sinus blockage from a cold gave me some trouble coming home).

I’d have to say that the highlight of Nicholas’ trip was TRAMS!  At one stage we were near the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets in the city, where I’d guess the tram frequency during the day is probably 2-3 per minute in every direction.  Every tram he saw on the whole trip was greeted with a yell of “there’s a tram!”, but in the city it was bordering on delirium — “There’s a tram, and there’s another tram, and ANOTHER tram, and ANOTHER TRAM!!! There’s a brown one!  And there’s a green one!  And there’s ANOTHER brown one!  And there’s a blue one!!!  SO MANY TRAMS!!!”

We also rode on Puffing Billy, and had a couple of train trips on the suburban network, so I think he’s definitely had a good helping of Melbourne rail travel!

While it was good to get away, there were some logistical aspects to what was essentially our first ever proper “family holiday” that we’ll need to work on before we tackle the holiday thing again.  I can’t wait to get back to work and have a rest!  🙂