To our beautiful baby girl, the warmest and fondest welcome!

The post I made here last night was going to be a comment about how ironic it was that we didn’t want to know our baby’s gender and yet the time of the birth was known. Well as fortune would have it, I would have been wrong on both points!

We were due to arrive at hospital at 1:30pm today for a 2pm induction, but our baby had different plans! S went into labour spontaneously at about 1:30am this morning, so we had the dash to the hospital that we never thought we’d have. By 2:30am we were in the birthing suite, and just over one hour after that our baby girl K arrived!

As for the gender thing, although we were obviously going to be happy to have a healthy baby of either gender we’d both been hoping for a girl. This time, something was telling me that it was in fact a girl–I guess you’d say I was very confident. So confident in fact, that S was quite angry at me about a week ago for not committing to a name for a boy. 🙂

N met his baby sister this morning… he has a very proud-looking smile on his face whenever he looks at her! He’s a wakeup to our grownup tricks though–we’d bought him a present to take home with him “from the baby”. When given the present, he reportedly (and in his best “hang-on-a-minute-you-can’t-trick-me” voice) said “that’s not from the baby, babies can’t go shopping!”

PS: What’s Clinker? That’s the nickname that S’s work friends gave to her baby-bump!