So I messed up.  I let the domain name registration for veejoe-dot-net expire, which was bad enough, but it turns out that even a low-visibility low-traffic domain like mine can still end up getting heisted by domain squatters.  Which is why it lives in Czechoslovakia now.

The other thing that I had been trying to find time for was a transition that my virtual server provider, Crucial Cloud Hosting, wanted me to complete.  They want to move off older Xen-based servers, one of which my VPS (virtual private server) was hosted on.  They carved me up a new VPS on different hypervisor technology, and have been extremely patient in allowing me the time to migrate from the old to the new.

The intersection of these two events seemed like the perfect opportunity to dust off the domain, which I’ve had for ages but never did anything with.  I had a somewhat current backup of the blog that was being automatically cut (by a plugin called BackWPUp), and it was a fairly straightforward matter to restore that and manually copy the webserver config from the existing VPS.

In very quick time I had the new VPS listening at the new domain name and the blog back online.  So here I am!

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