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Back in the saddle again…

This post comes to you from the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong airport.  Around 8 weeks have passed since my last post, and I’m pretty disgusted with myself at how little (read: not at all) I blogged when I was in the US and China.  In fact, by the looks of things the site has been down for most of the time anyway, which is also pretty disappointing.

I’d love to break my blogging drought now, as I have about five hours before I board my next flight, but I have a splitting headache which I’m sure you understand is not conducive to effective computer usage (which is a shame, as the Wi-Fi here is excellent).  Maybe later.

By the way, what brings me to Hong Kong?  I’m going to Europe for my remaining ITSO Workshop presentations.  Amsterdam on Monday, then Montpellier (France) on Tuesday.  I make some things up for a few days, then London next Monday followed by Milan on Thursday, then flying home via Rome and HK (again, three fortnights in a row).

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Comments and Downtime

Observant readers will notice that they are no longer able to respond to posts. The blog-spammers have won the battle but, as they say in the classics, they will not win the war…

I've turned off the comment capability, until I can get something in place to bring the rubbish under control (a recent update to PolarBlog helped a bit, in that the crap doesn't display on the site any more, but when I log on I get to see the mess). I'm thinking of a new site, where I can discuss technical stuff a bit more and thoroughly while keeping the private stuff separate if I need to.

The site has had a bit of downtime recently, due to my non-existent monitoring of what's happening on my hosted server. This will change shortly, and I'm looking forward to things returning to the stability they had when I was self-hosting.

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New home for Crossed Wires

Having paid for the domain some time ago (got a fully sic deal as well, 5 years for the price of two, or something) I decided to finally do something about it.  So, it’s now the new (official) home of Crossed Wires.

I’m hardly going to submit it to Google or anything like that, but it’s something newsworthy in the life of the site anyway.

From a Linux perspective, I’m using Apache VirtualHost directives so that access to the other stuff I host is not changed (at least that’s the plan).  Over time, I’ll upgrade things and integrate the photo gallery, but one step at a time!