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Heading home from Singapore

So here I am in the Qantas lounge at Changi Airport after my the last day of my trip to Singapore. The education went well (lots of smiling farewells) and I’ve forged some links with the locals that I hope will be fruitful for all.

I’m trying to get over the silly habit I’ve developed of bringing home stacks of coins from overseas, and it looks like I’ve had a bit of success this time. Somehow I’ve managed to come home with almost no coins! I brought a stack of coins I had collected on previous trips, and not only have I got rid of all them I’ve collected hardly any more.

I indulged my gadget addiction to the tune of an Archos 605 Wi-Fi media player. Yes, I know that there is a new series of devices released by Archos, but they are not generally available and may not be for a while (in this geography at least). Besides, the 605 has what I need (especially since the supplier over here includes the key plugins that I need) and is available now. The store recently reduced the price too — admittedly, probably to clear stock in advance of the new models coming in a few months.

Here’s hoping I get some sleep on the plane, as I want to have a good day with N and S before I have to do the Canberra thing all over again.

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Short trip to Singapore

This week I’m in Singapore, running a training course on z/VM and Linux on System z. I really enjoy coming here! This is the first time I’ve done any kind of work here, and I’m enjoying fitting into the daily commute in another city!

The weather here is, obviously, hot and humid. It’s been far from unbearable though, in fact I’d almost say it’s comfortable (which is quite something from someone who usually can’t stand hot weather). I’ve rediscovered the transport system, the excellent MRT train system with its regular services and its cheap fares, and I’m using it to go to and from work.

I’ll make some further notes as the week goes on. Wish me luck with the training!

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